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Step Stone is a unique multidisciplinary service of caring, skilled clinicians that offers comprehensive, evidence-based assessment and treatment  services for a full range of needs and concerns across the lifespan.

Step Stone, the next step towards understanding and wellbeing.

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Child, Youth & Parents

Supporting children and youth, along with their parents and caregivers, is a key step towards a brighter future, let us help.


Our team can help your family discover ways to live well together, heal from hard times, and grow together.


Seeking support when challenges become hard to face on your own, and when mental health concerns arise can be key to reaching your goals and potential.


Whether newly in love, or long-term partners,  our team can support couples and partners to strengthen bonds and grow in love together.

Unique service for unique needs

Autism Mental
Health Services

Whether your child or youth has just been diagnosed with Autism, or you are seeking an assessment for a family member or yourself as an adult, our team’s goal is understanding the uniqueness of individuals and tailoring services to meet your needs and goals.


When a youth or adult becomes involved with the justice system they need support, services, and caring, non-judgemental others around them to help move forward towards positive mental health and life goals.

Consultation, Supervision, & Training

Step Stone is an established training site for graduate students, clinicians registering to become Psychologists and Psychotherapists, as well as clinicians looking to build new competencies.

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