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Circle of Security Parenting Group

Circle of Security is an 8-week parent-focused group that helps parents better understand their children’s emotions, behaviours, and needs, as well as deepen their understanding of attachment and the security needs of their children in particular.

Attachment is what is created when there are strong emotional bonds established between you and your child. Attachment is important as it allows your child to grow and explore and feel secure in your love and in the world at large because they have learned, through your responses to them, that you are available and responsive to them and their needs.

Through our group, you can expect to learn how to build stronger relationships with your
children and also be affirmed as a parent. You will learn about your own needs and emotions, and the ways in which there is interplay between your child’s feelings/behaviours and your own. You will gain skills and confidence in your parenting and parental responsiveness as you learn alongside other parents who on their own similar parenting journeys.

This group is well-suited for parents with children between the ages of 4-10. Children do not attend the group. Note: important to attend all of the group’s sessions as they build upon each other. There will be a certificate issued to those who attend all eight

The group will be lead by certified COSP facilitator, Dr. Barbara Mancini (Clinical and Counselling Psychologist).

Upcoming Sessions

Circle of Security Parenting 

When: Wednesdays, October 4th through November 22, 2023
Time: 6 pm – 7:30pm
Where: Virtual (links will be sent out to participants)
Cost: $150 per session (per family) per week – you will receive a receipt for psychological services

Parents with Children 4-10 years (exceptions to age ranges can be made on a case by case basis depending upon clinical needs and fit)

If you’re interested in joining a Circle of Security group, please fill out the form below and a Step Stone facilitator or Intake Person will be in touch with you.

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